Design Your Pivot

Collectively we are navigating an unprecedented moment. For the past year, we’ve been forced to slow down. And, by slowing down many of us have taken a moment to reflect and begin to reimagine our lives differently. We may find ourselves asking over dinner, on walks with friends, or on Zoom calls with associates – how might I pivot? How might I shift my business? Is now the time to create a new chapter, mindset, or direction for my life? If so, we’re not alone. According to Forbes Magazine, 62% of women report that after COVID they intend to make a career or life pivot.

Taught by Holy Truitt, designer, facilitator and lecturer at the Stanford, and Elysa Fenenbock, artist and owner of studio Good Guild and teacher at the Stanford, Design Your Pivot will guide you through the steps of a well designed pivot - from reflection, market research, design, business model development with a simple canvas, and charting your path to action and new joy.

This micro-course is your launch pad to transformation. Your metamorphosis.

Get Comfortable Managing Your Finances is a micro-course included in the Montana Women’s Business Recovery Series, funded by the US Economic Development Agency.

Course Setup

  • Design Your Pivot includes 6 modules with a variety of hands on activities, videos, readings, and community topic discussions.
  • In total, courses are comprise of up to 16 learning hours that are completed online at your own pace.
  • This course is offered all the time and you can drop in to take without any schedule, any instructor, and any deadlines or firm deliverables.
Learning Objectives
  • Utilize energy, connection, and deep planning – the  very ingredients needed to design a vibrant and intentional life for one’s self, family and business.
  • Understand change-making and develop paths forward. Both instructors recently pivoted in their careers, businesses and lives. 
  • Understand how a designer’s mindset can create freedom for you to develop unexpected pathways.


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Holly Truitt

Holly Truitt is a designer and facilitator who helps organizations catalyze community-based change. With more than 20 years of experience guiding public and private organizations through uncharted transformations, Holly is a nationally respected author, researcher, and presenter.

Holly’s work has secured more than $13 million in funding and drawn support from large foundations, thriving municipalities, flagship universities, and world-class libraries and museums. A sought-after speaker, Holly has presented at HATCH, MIT’s Science Festival Alliance, TedX, the National Science Foundation, AudPop, and others. In 2014, she was named among the Missoulian newspaper’s “20 Under 40,” and in 2013, she was awarded a global Noyce Fellowship. A visiting student at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health during her graduate studies, Holly is a lecturer at Stanford d. school. She lives in Missoula, Montana with her husband and son.

Committed to her community, she is engaged in the Missoula Downtown Association, gives her time as a Powerhouse Montana mentor, and serves on the board of the Missoula United Way.


Elysa Fenenbock

Elysa creates healing, designs products, champions learning, and fashions beauty. Applying the medicine of creativity to projects at the intersection of design, art, and education, she enables her students to thrive through mindful making and life prototyping.

Elysa was recently awarded the Edmund Hillary Global Impact Fellowship where she harnesses the world’s creativity to generate lasting change. She is the co-founder of Design Mystics, which helps leaders unleash their inner designer and change maker in pursuit of transformative change and innovation for self, family, organization, and community. As Google’s first designer-in-residence, she facilitated human-centered design processes, spearheaded social impact projects and built immersive art installations for transformation. Previously, Elysa worked at IDEO where she developed the Design Thinking for Educators platform. As founder of The Creative Nomad Project, she led global organizations to foster creativity in endeavors ranging from transforming Peruvian artisans into entrepreneurs, to visioning the future of K12 education in rural Panama. At her core, she’s an artist who’s happiest when getting lost in the color and texture of fabric and sculpting precious metals. These days Elysa can be found playing with fiber and fire in her studio Good Guild through which she offers works of healing art. She also teaches at the Stanford