The Feminization of the Future of Work

Feminization of the Future of Work is a micro-course included in the Montana Women’s Business Recovery Series, funded by the EDA. Accelerate Montana is launching this series to support Montana women, who are current or aspiring business owners in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to provide real-world solutions for businesses that can be implemented based on practical, hands-on learning.

In this micro-course, you will mine your personal narrative and your lived experience to build a strategy that is in line with your unique, authentic vision. We will use self-knowledge, in-group knowledge, strategy canvases, and data to define customer segments you can focus on to authentically address challenges and opportunities presented in the she-cession as the global pandemic accelerates us into a relatively more feminized future of work.

Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.

Course Setup:

  • This course includes 4 modules with a variety of hands on activities, videos, readings, and community topic discussions.
  • In total, courses comprise up to a total of 16 learning hours to be completed online at your own pace.
  • These micro-courses live in the WELL WBC Mighty Networks Platform. This will allow for additional opportunities to connect with peers, mentors, and access to additional resources and trainings.
  • This course is offered all the time and you can drop in to take without any schedule, any instructor, and any deadlines or firm deliverables.




Amanda Miller

Serial Entreprenuer

Instructing this course is Amanda Miller, MBA. She identifies as a serial entrepreneur, budding pod caster, and teacher of many things including Marketing at the University of Montana, Taekwondo, and whole-human wellness.

In addition to being at the helm of a successful local business, she proudly leads her family while balancing her other passion pursuits including competing at an international level in Taekwondo and climbing mountains for fun.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the Future of Work Concept and how the pandemic has accelerated the FOW trajectory as it relates to increased technology use, the changing place work is done, and the increasing correlated importance of soft skills use and development borne of changing workforce demographics

  2. Use the SWOT analysis and Blue Ocean Canvas as replicable tools to:
    1. name strengths and capabilities which are gaining value in our current environment
    2. Reexamine previously categorized weaknesses against most valuable skills of the future.
    3. Pinpoint the unique opportunities for womxn (and others socialized in relatively more feminine ways) presented in our ever-evolving business environment.
    4. Understanding the unique threats (disrupted sectors such as service and retail, unpaid work dynamics, care economy) that have arisen or been magnified in the She-cession and workshop ways in which these market problems might be opportunities for savvy business owners.
  3. Hone business writing skills and create effective writing for the purpose of creating a marketing message that expresses your authentic vision and power position and persuades potential stakeholders (customers, partners, employees, etc.) to join in your mission.

  4. Develop proficiency with the Value Proposition Canvas and a Customer-led meta-model of the BMC to fill in the jobs, pains, and gains relative to your entrepreneurial idea for use now and in the future.


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