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Women's Entrepreneurship and Leadership Lab has developed four, key courses to help female founders and leaders succeed in a male-engineered world. Courses are designed for women, but open to all. We hope to generate networks of high-potential women and men who can befriend, mentor, and create opportunities for each other. All of our courses are offered online and can be done at your best convenience.

  • Purse Your Passion course has students spend time evaluating their personal values and passions to assists in the exploration of that idea in a safe, supportive environment. Explore values and see how they play into the possibility of starting something- a business, nonprofit, or project at your work- even if you are considering buying a business.   
  • Build Your Brand & Network course shows women how to build authentic, strategic relationships in order to build a powerful network. Learners will gain practical skills on how to craft their personal pitch and how to build better connections to future career opportunities andq uality relationships.
  •  Business Basics 1&2 are about all things business. Whether you are starting a business or already have a business, this two-step course is for you. Business does not have to be scary, and we can show you. These courses empower women with a vision to take actionable steps to move their idea forward.
  •  Authentic Leadership course will help women embrace and utilize their strengths, vulnerability, and empathy to inspire and engage teams to achieve goals. Learners at any level will gain practical skills to lead teams effectively and efficiently by bringing their authentic self to the table.

Online Community

Mighty Networks is the host platform for the Women's Entrepreneurship and Leadership Lab's online community. Our community is based off of a sub-community network within a larger community. Our whole community is made up women who are like-minded, driven, entrepreneurial, and leadership focused. Within this community, there are women with similar more-specific goals such as growing an existing business, starting a new business, pushing forward in their professional lives, and so on. The goal-based sub-communities allow our network to confer with each other and experts to meet their goals, while having connections and experiences with a larger community, to ultimately be successful in their professional and personal lives.


We're giving women space to say their ideas out loud.

Women's Entrepreneurial and Leadership Lab Women's Business Center is a community designed with women in mind, on a mission to drive change in our lives and communities through entrepreneurship and leadership.

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