Crisis Communications

Taught by Kelly Richardson, Founder of Venone Public Relations, Crisis Communications will teach how to effectively communicate with employees, media, partners, vendors, customers / clients, and your greater business community. Insights and activities will surround drafting crucial messages, using proper verbiage, and choosing appropriate communication channels for your business.

Get Comfortable Managing Your Finances is a micro-course included in the Montana Women’s Business Recovery Series, funded by the US Economic Development Agency.

Course Setup:

  • Crisis Communications includes 6 modules with a variety of hands on activities, videos, readings, and community topic discussions.
  • In total, courses are comprise of up to 16 learning hours that are completed online at your own pace.
  • This course is offered all the time and you can drop in to take without any schedule, any instructor, and any deadlines or firm deliverables.
Learning Objectives
  • Developing Crisis Communications Plans – How to create a plan that will work for YOUR business – there is no “one size fits all” solution
  • Using the correct platform for your audience
  • Communicating with your internal audiences during a crisis
  • Communication and crucial conversations with vendors and partners
  • Building a promotional partner/media list and communications plan
  • Measuring your communications success
  • Drafting crucial messages

Our Online Community

When registering for this course, you will also gain access to our online community.

Additional benefits of our online community include:
  • Group business coaching
  • COVID-specific business coaching
  • Statewide and regional connections to current/aspiring women business owners and professionals
  • Space to collaborate with peers
  • VIP guest speakers and events
  • Small group opportunities to develop authentic relationships
Micro Courses are:
  • Free
  • On-demand
  • Self-paced






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Kelly Richardson

Founder of Venone Public Relations

Kelly Richardson is a published author, monthly columnist and regularly lectures on business, communications, and marketing topics throughout the country. She has completed extensive Crisis Communications training through the Public Relations Society of America, and is a Communications Volunteer for the American Red Cross Dakotas Region. Kelly has a combined 14 years of professional experience developing comprehensive, strategic marketing, communications, and public relations programs rooted in ethics, transparency, and moving businesses and organizations forward to meet their goals.

Kelly also has a personal background in business which includes owning a personal/beauty product development and manufacturing company that imported and exported salon equipment, and operated on an international basis ;ownership of a chain of salons; and extensive work in Construction and Real Estate.

This is Kelly's foundational course. The other courses Kelly designed for the MT Women's Business Recovery Series include:

  • Crisis Leadership
  • Expand Your Online Presence
  • Don't Discount. Create Value.
  • Diversifying Your Business