Montana Women's Business Recovery Series, produced by Accelerate Montana

Accelerate Montana is launching 9 Micro-Online Courses to support Rural, Indigenous, and Urban Montana women, who are current or aspiring business owners in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to provide real-world solutions for businesses that can be implemented based on practical, hands-on learning.

All Micro-Courses are funded by the Economic Development Administration

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Course Setup:

  • Each courses includes 4-6 modules with a variety of hands on activities, videos, readings, and community discussion topics's
  • In total, courses comprise up to a total of 16 learning hours to be completed online at a pace that is convenient for each individual.
  • These micro-courses live in the WELL WBC Mighty Networks Platform. This will allow for additional opportunities to connect with peers, mentors, and access to additional resources and trainings. 


Crisis Communications

This course will teach how to effectively communicate with employees, media, partners,vendors, customers / clients, and your greater business community.

Insights and activities will surround drafting crucial messages, using proper verbiage,and choosing appropriate communication channels for your business.

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Crisis Leadership

This course examines how leaders need to adjust their leadership styles to lead their organizations through crisis situations.

Discussion includes a build off core leadership principles, and established crisis leadership strategies.

This course is designed to empower leaders to make decisions, cut through misinformation and lead their organization through any crisis.


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Don't Discount. Create Value

When sales slump, a business owner will often slash prices or offer discounts to boost sales. While this may provide a temporary boost to business, it does not lend to creating a loyal customer base.

This course provides strategies to value add, teaches how to position your business to increase sales and strengthen your loyal client base, allowing the business owner to maintain steady sales through times of business downturn.

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Diversifying Your Business

In this course we uncover how to identify new business services and products that will allow your business to diversify and create additional income streams, as well as how to ensure that you are not dependent on one specific sales strategy for all of the products and services that you offer. We will discuss how to find new clients, and understand the needs of your customers.

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Expanding Your Online Presence

This presentation will cover strategies for integrating online components for your business. Learners will be able to build a plan and determine their best strategy for adding services and product sales to an online format, so your business can function both in-person, but also, online.

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The Feminization of The Future of Work

Uncovering opportunities for women entrepreneurs by understanding and leveraging the COVID-accelerated future of work and the She-cession.

In this micro-course, we will mine your personal narrative and your lived experience to build a strategy that is in line with your unique, authentic vision. We will use self-knowledge, in-group knowledge, strategy canvases, and data to define customer segments you can focus on to authentically address challenges and opportunities presented in the she-cession as the global pandemic accelerates us into a feminized future of work.

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Get Comfortable Managing Your Finances

Learn strategies to manage finance during challenging times and put your business on the right path.

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Designing Your Pivot

This course will help women business owners to design their pivot post- COVID-19. Each class being complimented by self-guided design labs and a reflection to help guide business owners through their pivot exploration and creation.

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